River with Hope

I HOPE as days pass, YOU WILL GROW STRONGER within YOUR HEART like the SPRING FLOWERS that are beginning to BLOOM!   

Our Life resembles a River.  A River is Free Flowing containing a Beat and Melody.  This Beat is the Current.  The ever Flowing Current is constantly moving while Singing a Song.  Life changes daily.  There are times when events occur that do not make sense?  It is a mystery inside of the River’s course.  In these difficult moments, KEEP Being YOU and BELIEVE there will be SUNNIER Days Ahead! = )


I hope that if you are reading this page today, Your Day will Become Bright as the Morning Sun!  May any Pain you have been feeling Disappear as the Ocean Tide Changes.  Each day is an opportunity for all of us to Sing a Brand New Song!  May the Brand New Song You Sing be the Tune that Strengthens Your Day! 

Morning photo from Tennessee